4. Visualizing spatial data with the tmap package

Foreword on working directory, data and packages Intro Basic static Maps Interactive Maps Plot Multiple shapes and layers Facets - multiple plots in one window By assigning multiple variable names to one aesthetic: By splitting the spatial data with the by argument of tm_facets By using the tmap_arrange function Basemaps and overlay tile maps Exporting maps Quick and dirty mapping Foreword on working directory, data and packages The Data for this tutorial are provided via Github.

Automating map-making with tmap

Speed up repetitive map making with the tmap-package by iterating through multiple files with for-loops Climate Models Future climatic conditions on the regional scale are commonly modelled with different combinations of global circulation models (GCM) and regional climate model (RCM) in order to account for uncertainties surrounding the projection of future conditions1. A collection of models is called a “model ensemble” and often encompasses 20 or more different GCM-RCM combinations.